Young Woman Contemplating a Pregnancy Test

Free, Confidential Pregnancy Tests

What happens when you come to the Alpha Women's Center for a free, confidential pregnancy test? First, we give you the test and instruct you how to take it, all within the privacy of our building. While we are waiting for the results, we will talk to you and give you information to read which is related to your specific situation. Most of our trained volunteer counselors have been helping women in your sitation for years, so if there's something you have a question or concern about, please ask!

Once your test result is ready, your counselor will inform you whether the test was positive or negative and then will further seek to guide you according to your specific situation. As a Christian ministry, we can share with you what the Bible says about abstinence, marriage, and God's standards for pure living.

If your test comes back positive, we will talk with you and give you information about childbirth, feeding, prenatal development, postnatal care, and parenting. We will stress the sanctity of human life and the will of God, and urge you to choose life for your child. We can provide information about alternatives to abortion, and free clothing, formula, diapers, and baby furnishings are available if you wish to participate in our Learn and Earn Bible study program.

If you are concerned about your safety or just have need of a place to stay, we can refer you to a temporary shelter. If needed, we can also provide referrals to organizations that provide adoptions, medical care, educational ultrasounds, legal assistance, and other services. We want to help however we can, so please visit or contact us today!

I had both my pregnancy tests here. I just like coming back here. It feels like home. I am blessed.