Bible with study notes

Learn and Earn Bible Study Program

The center has established a program that encourages Bible study and verse memorization. Through the studies and memorization, you can obtain points through which you can earn various items for your baby.

The Bible Studies are worth (2) points per lesson. The “Light from the Gospel of John” booklet is worth (6) points. The completed lessons must be turned in and corrected at the center before the points are given. The counselor may discuss some of the information with you. All answers must be correct in order to receive points.

When you have completed the Bible Studies, you may choose to memorize verses and you will receive a sheet with several of them listed. Each verse is worth (1) point. The verse(s) must be recited to a counselor at the center.

Each of the items you can earn has a point value as summarized below:

1. Baby Formula 2-4 points, depending on size (one can per week per child)
2. Diapers 2 points for 5 diapers (20 diapers max. per week per child)
New Used
3. Bouncer 30 points 10 points
4. Small Stroller (umbrella) 16 points 8 points
5. Lightweight stroller 20 points 10 points
6. Large Stroller 40 points 20 points
7. Car seat 60 points 24 points
8. Highchair 30 points 10 points
9. Bassinet 40 points 20 points
10. Crib 120 points 60 points
11. Playard (playpen) 40 points 20 points
12. Swing 40 points 16 points
13. Walker 30 points 10 points
14. Exersaucer 40 points 16 points
15. Pack n Play 60 points 30 points

Please Note: Most items are given to us through donations. We cannot guarantee the availability of every item, and you may wish to call before you come to see if we currently have what you need. We will hold items for one week if there are sufficient points on file.

Each client on the Learn and Earn Program must sign the Center’s disclaimer form before the items are given.

If you cannot take the item(s) you earned along with you, you may leave them and have a friend or family member pick them up at a later time. However, we will only hold the item(s) for a period of one week. At that time the items(s) will be placed back into inventory and made available to other clients.

Please contact us today to get started with the Learn and Earn Bible study program!